Software House

Software House

Our software practices and solutions help you reach your objectives and solve your business problems. Increase sales by learning about your clients and reduce costs by making your processes more efficient by reducing costs and creating value technology solutions for business.

Intelligence & Efficiency

Software House reaches end to end in technological solution design, helping not only to learn about and analyze consumer behavior and buying processes, and help you find the precise moment to take appropriate actions, but they will also help to create new processes or simplify the existing ones, reducing your business costs and tasks.

Achieve more and better sales opportunities, maximizing your time and resources. Continuously optimize your business strategy with a unified vision of your business.

This tool is the solution that allows for the analysis and deciphering of data produced by your clients and the conversion of it into a powerful tool for decision-making and connection.

View information in real time through indicators, graphs, reports and trends. The use of technology as a principal tool allows us to centralize data using different metrics.

In the search for perfection of traditional methodologies, automation is the correct path to reach efficiency and work quality with your employees.

IT Consulting

We offer you years of experience, working with our clients to create the best decision-making and sustainable technological definitions that evolve with the growth of the business.

Unify a platform and its applications is not a simple decision. The experience has made us experts in the migration of critical applications without affecting operation and integration in the application ecosystem of a company.

An appropriate software architecture is one that achieves relevance for many years. Designing, defining, or redefining this is something that can only be led and executed together with a partner like Lagash.

Our elite unit. Whatever the IT challenge is, it will be accepted. Whether it is detecting a problem in your core system or saving your development, we will always find a solution, even in extremely complex technological situations.

Co-coding & Engineering

Co-coding & Engineering

We know the software platform design and development process. We get involved from the beginning bringing in software engineering strategies in order to jointly create the best technology products always keeping the focus in quality and innovation.

Plug & Play Engineering
Plug & Play Engineering

The talent and experience of our team allows them to become productive resources within your project in a short amount of time.


Our workforce is involved in projects, not only proposing the best development practices but also exchanging knowledge to collectively deal with the challenges.

Unique talent
Unique talent

Each engineer of the co-coding unit has a specialization, effectiveness and individual creativity, generating a constant stream of progress and feedback in each technology that they work with.

Trends and New Technologies

Trends and New Techs

In this industry, progress is constant. We are continuously in touch with new technologies arriving, changing our way of thinking and doing things. Our constant challenge is to investigate what is their potential and how they could help improve processes, grow the business or engage with their customers.

When we think about Cloud, either for infrastructure or for an application, we must analyze several factors which could sustain a long-term strategy with a short ROI. if you are considering Cloud, we can help with your challenges.

We specialize in the development of innovative mobile applications and user interfaces that maximize usability in diverse situations independent of the device or platform, using the perfect mix of creativity, talent, and professionalism.

Information is revolutionizing the market and the amount available grows in huge steps. Presently, the difference could be defined by discovering what is behind it. We work with you to manage the different phases of the data life cycle. We design data architecture, add value and create innovative means of information visualization using the best tools available in the market, looking to facilitate the management of large quantities of data for better decision-making.

Telephones, cameras, watches, sensors, and even slippers are connected to the Internet today. All of these devices generate information that is enormously useful for user behavioral and activity analyses. With the suitable techniques to process it, you can generate amazing products and solutions. Our vision and contact with technology will help you face new challenges.

The design of our interfaces is centered on the user, always optimizing usability and maintaining an insurmountable visual identity that allows us to deal with and discover diverse user situations. Our UX & Prototyping team is involved in each project to make sure this happens.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

We have a team that mixes the best of both worlds. Creativity and ingenuity achieve the perfect balance to empower our Engineers, Analysts, Designers and Tech Geeks to work with a common denominator: Innovation.

Because of this, we created a laboratory that investigates technologies and imagines new scenarios to address challenges from a non-conventional perspective.

Outsiders of the Box
Outsiders of the Box

This is a team whose task is to imagine, research, develop and analyze new technological ideas and concepts. Its mission is to create and provide the entire company with creative tools that serve as inspiration to solve problems.

Nesting & Prototyping
Nesting & Prototyping

We don’t just have ideas. We convert them into projects, we take them to the limit, we experiment, and we make prototypes and tests that allow us to obtain the best result for each option.

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For more than 15 years, we have imagined, designed, developed and implemented high-impact solutions for your business.

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