Question: What should I engrave on a watch for my boyfriend?

What are good engraving quotes?

Memorial Engraving IdeasWe Were Together. I Forgot the Rest.Remembered With Love.She Walked in Beauty.Forever In My Heart.Well Always Remember You.Youll Always Be in Our Hearts.

What should I engrave for my partner?

Engraving Ideas for your Boyfriend, Husband or GroomSorry, hes taken.My heart is yours.Forever yours.Stuck with me.The future is ours.My prisoner forever.Legally mine.Yours forever.More items

What do you write on a watch gift?

Message Ideas for a Watch or Jewelry GiftThank you for being the sparkle in my eye these [10] years. To the best parent, the best partner, and the best person to split popcorn with, you are worth ten thousand of these [watches]. This [diamond ring] commemorates the beautiful [15] years weve spent together.More items •10 Aug 2017

Is it bad luck to gift a watch?

One of the most common superstitions youll hear today is that giving or receiving a watch is considered bad luck, and for a number of reasons too. So the next time you receive a watch as a gift make sure to pay the giver, so your relationship with the person doesnt end abruptly and at the same time avoid a curse.

How much can you engrave on a ring?

The number of characters that can be engraved will depend on the finger size of the ring that is being engraved. Most rings can accommodate between 15 -30 characters (characters include letters, numbers and spaces. So for example “I Love You” is 8 letters, but actually 10 characters including the spaces).

How thick should a ring be to engrave?

How wide does the band need to be? As you might expect, the thinner the band, the trickier it is to engrave (and the harder it will be to read what is engraved!). All of our experts agree that 2mm is the minimum band width for engraving, though 3mm is preferred.

Is a watch a good gift for boyfriend?

A quality timepiece is a great gift for any guy. A watch is a functional accessory that will also give his style a boost.

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