Question: Can you browse Christian mingle without signing up?

Is ChristianMingle free? You can signup for an account, create your profile and search for matches for free. For other features such as messaging, you need to subscribe to a paid membership.

How do I browse on Christian Mingle?

Users come to Christian mingle to find a match that shares their Christian Faith. Christian Mingle works by sending you compatible matches that fit your criteria in a grid view. Users are able to send messages to other users and favorite their profile to let them know youre interested.

Can you search Christian Mingle for free?

Setting up a profile with Christian Mingle is completely free, but the free service does not include the option to chat with other members. Once you find someone on Christian Mingle that you want to get to know better, you must upgrade to its premium membership, which is $49.99 per month.

How do I browse anonymously on Christian Mingle?

You can access these by clicking on your profile thumbnail in the upper right corner of your profile and choosing Account Settings. Select Profile Display Settings and check or un-check the desired boxes.

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