Question: What is BL series?

BL, short for Boy Love, is a phenomenon of Asian dramas that originates from Yaoi, a Japanese term referring to manga depicting homoerotic romances between men. Thailand and Taiwan, the leading producers of these films, will release over 80 BL series in 2020 alone.

What is bl Thai series?

Thai Boys Love is a local appropriation of yaoi, the Japan-originating form of homoerotic fiction that revolves around the romantic narratives between a masculine boy (called “uke”) and a more feminine boy (called “seme”). The community of Boys Love readers flourished long before the culture came to the small screen.

But in some countries, like India, BL is as popular or has even surpassed the views for gay content. “BL stories are simply classic teenage romance stories that have traditionally targeted young adult women, but with two lead men.

What BL series should I watch?

List of Best BL Series and DramasA Tale of Thousand Stars (2021) Light On Me (2021) Ossans Love Hong Kong (2021) Papa & Daddy (2021)Cherry Magic (2020) I Told Sunset About You (2020) Life~Love on the Line (2020) Restart After Come Back Home (2020) Given (2019) Grey Rainbow (2016) Hes Coming to Me (2019)

Is word of honor bl?

If you are into Chinese boys love (BL) dramas, Word Of Honour is the latest series thats been picked up by Netflix. The sleeper blockbuster first premiered on Youku in February and is also available on YouTube.

Which country makes the best bl?

Which Country Makes The Best Bl Movies?Thailand. 70.3%Japan. 5.2%China. 8.1%Korea. 6.4%Taiwan. 10.0%Apr 14, 2018

Top 10 of the Best BL Dramas from 20202Gether. Starting this list of the best BL dramas that you should watch; we go with the aforementioned 2gether. A Tale of Thousand Stars. Because of You. Cherry Magic. Hello Stranger. Why R U? Where Your Eyes Linger. Gameboys.More items •Jan 26, 2021

Here are some of the most popular BL couples:“KornKnock” | “TanBun” | MaxTul. Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn were first introduced as a side couple, KornKnock, in Bad Romance (2016) before getting their own series, Together With Me (2017). “TharnType” | MewGulf. Other famous pairs.Dec 8, 2020

Is Lovesick a BL?

Based on the online Thai BL novel LOVE SICK: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys, Phun has a girlfriend but his father wants him to date his friends daughter. Phuns little sister, Pang, is obsessed with boys love.

Is Word of Honor BL or bromance?

Word of Honor currently ranks as the highest rated BL drama on Douban — Chinas online community of film, book and music lovers — averaging a score of 8.6 with over 200,000 reviews.

Is there kissing in Word of Honor?

Word of Honor is a thirty-six-episode costume drama based on the popular danmei novel titled Tian Ya Ke by the popular web author Priest. While there are no sex acts – not even kissing – Word of Honor pushes the boundaries of acceptable LGBTQ depiction by Chinese standards.

What is the difference between bromance and BL?

Bromance is a slang for two men who like each other a lot but want to make it clear that they are straight! A bromance is a very close friendship between two men. As it is a friendship, not a relationship, it is not sexual in nature, hence the two men having a bromance are not gay.

What is bl couple?

The Boys Love series industry has become widely popular among Thai audiences up to date. Furthermore, there are a lot of beloved imaginary couples who became famous from boys love series, some of which are well known both locally and internationally.

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