Question: Is Jeevansathi safe? website is full of fake profiles This website is full of fake profiles and created by their own employees. If you are looking for a bride, beware of the fake profiles. 90% to 95% of profiles are fake. Only 5% of profiles are genuine or caught in their trap.

Is Jeevansathi paid?

Get your perfect Match by subscribing Basic Membership package at Rs. 532 per month. Users can enjoy the benefits such as Message & Chat to unlimited participants, Priority customer service, etc. Register today on Jeevansathi and find your Life partner.

Is Jeevansathi is free?

Profile Registration - Register Free - Welcome! Lets start your partner search with this Sign up. To have a secure user experience & genuine members, phone verification is mandatory for all.

Is Shaadi com an Indian? is an Indian online wedding service founded in 1997.

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