Question: Who did Ciara used to date?

In the very early days of her career, the 34-year-old dated none other than Shad Moss aka Bow Wow. The two made a hit together, Like You, and they went on to date from 2004 to 2006.

Whos Dated Who Ciara?

Dating historyâ„–PartnerLength5Amare Stoudemire8 months450 Cent5 years 9 months3Shad Moss6 months2Lloyd Polite10 months5 more rows

Are Mariahlynn and Cardi still friends?

Cardi B is reuniting with bestie, Star Brim Brim has been nothing but supportive of the Bodak Yellow rapper and has been her rock through rough times. The two can finally get their friendship back and with Cardis help Brim will hopefully be joining her in the music industry.

Who is takeoff dating right now?

To public knowledge, Takeoff isnt publicly dating anyone right now. He hasnt posted any women on his social media or announced that he is in a relationship with anybody. The rapper has previously been romantically linked to rapper Dream Doll, singer Rubi Rose and Lakeya Darshay.

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