Question: Where is the best place to drink in Cambridge?

Which Cambridge College has the best Bar?

The Clare College bar has earned a reputation as one of Cambridges best student bars for cheap drinks, good vibes and excellent live gigs.

Where should I go in Cambridge at night?

Things To Do By Night Ghost Walking Tours. Theatre. Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Outdoor Cinema. Live Music Venues. Cocktail Making Classes. Nightclubs. Cambridge Wine School.More items •Feb 14, 2018

How many pubs are there in Cambridge?

110 pubs Cambridge is home to around 110 pubs so there really is one to suit every person and every occasion.

What to do in Cambridge when it rains?

5 Things to Enjoy on a Rainy Day in CambridgeEnjoy Afternoon Tea at Clayton Hotel Cambridge. Indulge in the quintessentially English tradition of Afternoon Tea. Visit Ely Cathedral. Hit the shops. Learn something new at the many Cambridge museums. Look around the colleges.30 Mar 2020

Is Cambridge University a party school?

2) Cambridge clubbing is a unique experience – Cambridge is one of the few places where you can eat dinner and get drunk in a 500 year old hall, then dance to the Lion King soundtrack in a club with people in a mix of normal clothes, onesies and black tie.

How many museums are there in Cambridge?

30 museums There are over 30 museums in Cambridgeshire offering a wide range of collections. They vary from small museums of local history to the large-scale national collections of the Imperial War Museum at Duxford.

How do I spend a day in Oxford?

Things to do in Oxford on a Day TripTake a walking tour. One thing Jess and I did this time round that was different to my previous visits was to take an official walking tour. Visit the University Colleges. Go Punting. Imbibe a Beverage. Visit Oxford Castle. Climb the University Church.11 Jul 2021

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