Question: Who plays Trish 40 year old virgin?

Who played Trish in 40-year-old virgin?

Catherine Keener The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) - Catherine Keener as Trish - IMDb.

Who is the drunk girl in 40-year-old virgin?

Thats Leslie Mann, Apatows real-life wife, as drunk girl Nicky, one of several eligible ladies whom Andy is not fated to lose his virginity to. The couple met during the making of 1995s The Cable Guy, on which Apatow served as a producer, and got married in 1997.

How old was Kat Dennings in The 40-Year-Old Virgin?

IMDb Rating: 7.3ActorAge thenAge nowKat Dennings1935Jordan Masterson1935Chelsea Smith824Jonah Hill223712 more rows

Can Kat Dennings play the piano?

Kat Dennings Quotes Ive played every instrument you could possibly think of for 10 minutes. So Im mediocre at everything. I can play drums, guitar, piano, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute

Why is Dennings surname Kat Dennings?

Kat was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, to Jewish parents Ellen Litwack and Gerald Litwack. She decided on the stage name Kate Dennings because “I didnt want to use my family name because I thought, A, it was a little hideous, and B, I wanted to know when someone really knew me or they didnt.

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