Question: Does BBWCupid have an app?

The BBWCupid Android app has a 3.5 star rating on Google Play. There are over 100,000 users in the US alone.

Is BBWCupid legitimate?

BBWCupid has a consumer rating of 1.26 stars from 26 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. BBWCupid ranks 357th among Dating sites.

Is WooPlus a hookup app?

WooPlus is a highly popular dating app in the curvy community and as such there are singles in even some of the ruralest areas. We found that many of these users were seriously top quality. Their profiles are flush, their photos are great, and they seem to have stellar personalities.

What is BBWCupid com? is a specialist BBW dating website that assists people from around the world to find their perfect match. We offer friendly service combined with sophisticated search and messaging facilities that will make your search for true love fun and enjoyable.

Who owns BBWCupid? is operated by Cupid Media Pty Ltd, a company that specializes in the development of database-driven dating sites. Cupid Media was founded in 1999 and is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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