Question: What do you say to someone who is in recovery?

How do you communicate in recovery?

5 Communications Skills for RecoveryBeing Assertive. While some addicts may communicate too aggressively and others may be too passive, assertiveness is a balanced middle ground that defines effective communication. Positivity and Self-Esteem. Learn Social Cues. Listening and Supporting Others. Expressing Empathy.May 10, 2016

Why is effective communication important in recovery?

In recovery, communicating honestly with your family members, a spouse, and close friends provides opportunities for personal growth. Effective communication allows you to share about your emotional state with others so they can offer their support.

How can I practice better communication skills through recovery?

How to improve communication skills in recovery includes:Listening to others.Understanding how others hear you.Not taking things personally.Finding compromise.Remaining calm and logical.3 Jan 2019

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