Question: What do you look for in a gold digger?

Gold diggers want to be wealthy because it is a means to an end โ€” their ultimate goal is to have, or at least be seen to have, a high-status position in society. Money, they believe, will help them achieve highly-sought status symbols like fame and power.

What is the male equivalent of a gold digger?

a whale โ€“ probably borrowed from the financial industry, meaning a big investor. a bear โ€“ specifically referenced in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) in the context of 3 gold diggers setting a bear trap, and only needing to trap 1 bear.

Are there Guy gold diggers?

Two in 10 single adults can be classified as gold diggers saying that they would marry somebody for their money, according to DDBs Life Style Study. And 54% of these gold diggers are men. 27% male), gold digger males are significantly more likely to be part of the Millennial generation (40% are male vs. 25% female).

Is Brianna a gold digger?

Brianna Diggers is a clone and adoptive sister of Gina and Brittany Diggers. Since Brianna is a composite clone of both her sisters, she possesses a combination of traits from either of them.

Is golddigger a bad word?

Similarly, if you believe that a term like gold-digger is just a harmless term that women shouldnt take offense to, think twice. Though its wrapped in a prettier package and hasnt received the same analysis as the b- word, the truth is that its a half-step away. This term, like the b-word, is mean and unjust.

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