Question: Is mamba a good dating site?

Mamba is the best dating site and the app for dating all over the world. - Mamba is popular in more than 50 countries of the world; - Now over 100 000 users are online, 1/3 of them are new; - Over 1 million new profiles every day.

What is Mamba drug?

Black Mamba is a street drug which is Legal in much of the world. It is an artificial cannabinoid. It can cause some very serious side effects, including mental health problems, psychosis and sometimes a deep zombie-like state which takes a long time to recover from. It has also been known to cause death.

What does mamba do to your body?

Effects/risks it may cause breathing difficulties, vomiting, severe rashes, increased heart rate and cardiac arrhythmia (heart skipping beats) and loss of control over some parts of the body.

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