Question: Who was Brody dating at the end of the hills?

After his relationship with Christine ended, Brody began dating Laguna Beachs nemesis Lauren Conrad. By this time Lauren was the protagonist of the Hills, and when Brody joined the cast in Season 2, the pair began to look at each other.

Are Brody and Kristen together?

Kristin and Brody briefly dated after her tenure on another MTV reality show. After calling it quits with Brody in 2016, Kristin explained the reasons behind the breakup. Its just hard right now because I am working all the time, she told People at the time. Were still good friends though.

Are Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavallari still friends?

Though the duo split up over a decade ago, Kristin, 33, and Stephen, 34, remain close friends.

What happened to Brandon Lees girlfriend?

She married 10 years after Brandons death, having taken many years to deal with his tragic death and had a daughter, who is close to Shannon Lees daughter, Wren Kealser. Eliza later divorced and continues to live in L.A.

What happened with Tommy Lee and Brandon?

The reconciliation happened after they were allegedly involved in a physical altercation with each other just months before. The alleged altercation apparently happened in March 2018 and reportedly led to injuries that required a hospital visit for Tommy.

Is Kristen Cavallari back with Stephen?

In August, Kristin—who announced her breakup from husband Jay Cutler in April—cozied up to Stephen for a photo that had the internet in a frenzy. Amid romance speculation, Kristin clarified that she and Stephen are not back together.

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