Question: Why did Charlie White and Meryl Davis break up?

So what happened to Davis and White? Its not that theyre retiring. The duo just wanted to take a break from the demanding lifestyle of professional ice dancing (while they sit out these games, White is doing commentary for NBC during the Olympics).

Where is Meryl Davis these days?

Los Angeles However, the logistics are somewhat more challenging these days, given that Davis currently resides in Los Angeles while White still lives in his native Michigan.

Did Meryl Davis get married?

Meryl Davis and Fedor Andreev just did their “I do”s — again! After marrying in June, Davis, an Olympic gold medalist in ice dancing and a Dancing with the Stars champion, and skater-turned-entrepreneur Andreev had a second wedding ceremony for close family earlier this month in Detroit, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

How tall is Jake the Viking?

6.45 feet tall He is 6.45 feet tall (or 197 centimeters).

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