Question: Who is Kristen Stewarts GF?

Kristen Stewart and Girlfriend Dylan Meyer Seen Holding Hands While Taking a Stroll in Los Angeles. Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer look loved up in a rare sighting of the two in Los Angeles. Stewart, 31, and girlfriend Meyers were seen holding hands as they walked around LA on Monday.

What does Dylan Meyer do?

Actor ScreenwriterFilm Producer Dylan Meyer/Professions

Did Kristen Stewart propose to Dylan Meyer?

Stewart has revealed plans to propose to Meyer since 2019. In a radio interview with Sirius XM, he said, I cant wait (to propose to Meyer). Kristen and Dylan have reportedly been dating since early 2019. The relationship was officially announced on their Instagram in October of that year.

Did Kristen Stewart propose to her girlfriend?

Kristen Stewart Is Engaged! As per the insider on Reddit, the actress allegedly proposed to Dylan in public. Good things happen fast, the actress revealed to Stern during their interview.

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