Question: What language do they speak in Tanzania?

What language is mainly spoken in Tanzania?

Swahili Vinually all Tanzanians speak Swahili today and Swahili has become an identity marker for Tanzanians. The use of Swahili has expanded so much that it is now replacing vernacular languages as the language of everyday interaction and is also replacing English as the languaJe of education and government.

Do people in Tanzania speak French?

Indo-European languages in Tanzania include Hindustani, Portuguese, French, and Gujarati.

Do they speak Afrikaans in Tanzania?

Various families of Nilo-Saharan languages (unity debated) are spoken from Tanzania to Eritrea and Sudan and from Chad to Mali. Austronesian languages are spoken in Madagascar .Official languages.AfrikaansPortugueseArabicSpanishEnglishSwahiliFrenchother languages

Is Swahili spoken in Tanzania?

Swahili is the national language of Tanzania, which is home to 59.7 million people. There are over a hundred languages spoken in Tanzania, but Swahili is spoken by 90% of the nation and is what unites the countrys 130 ethnic groups.

What is percentage of Muslims in Tanzania?

DefinitionsSTATAMOUNTRANKMajor religion(s)Christianity, IslamMuslim percentage of total population29.9%55th out of 184Muslim population13.45 million23th out of 177Religionsmainland - Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%; Zanzibar - more than 99% Muslim11 more rows

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