Question: Who is black widow dating in Civil War?

Who is Black Widows girlfriend?

As her Red Room training progressed, Black Widow met Alexei Shostakov, a renowned Russian test pilot, whom the KGB had arranged for her to marry. At this time in her training, Natashas cover was that she was studying to be a ballerina, not a spy.

Who did Black Widow side with in civil war?

Tony Stark In Civil War, everyone was either Team Cap or Team Iron Man, and Natasha appeared to side with Tony Stark. Until — twist! — she helped Captain America and Bucky escape from the scene of the Avengers airport battle.

Is Captain America and Black Widow dating?

Curiously enough, theres never really been a romantic relationship between Black Widow and Steve Rogers in the comics - but one of Natashas main romances is actually with Bucky Barnes, who became Steves successor as Captain America.

Do the Hulk and Black Widow get together?

The developing romance between the characters was scrapped in later movies, with the Hulk revealed to have flown off to a little-known planet in Thor: Ragnarok and the two characters more occupied with battle plans than dating when they were reunited in Avengers: Infinity War.

Are Steve and Natasha together?

While Steve and Natasha are never together in canon, this relationship might have made more sense than the relationships these two actually have. Steve ends up with Peggy, and he has to break the rules of time travel and even act out of character to do so.

Did Captain America and Peggy have a child?

Peggy Carter (Marvel Cinematic Universe)Peggy CarterSpouseUnknown husband Steve RogersChildren2RelativesSharon Carter (niece)NationalityBritish15 more rows

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