Question: Why are cancers so attracted to Scorpios?

Cancers are attracted to Scorpios intensity. Together, its the strength and courage of Scorpio that makes them irresistible to Cancer zodiac signs. Scorpios like being with Cancers because they are drawn to their caring and nurturing nature are adaptable and their patience with Cancer never runs out.

Why are cancers and Scorpios so good together?

Sexually, these two are magnetically drawn towards each other. Cancer is attracted to Scorpios depth and strength, while Scorpio appreciates the crabs sweet and caring nature. For both signs, having a strong emotional bond with their partner is key to having the most satisfying sexual experience.

Why do cancers hate Scorpios?

They are not as emotional as Cancer zodiac signs, and they do not like to feel pressured into something serious. Cancers are the exact opposite of Scorpio. They are private but not secretive. Its their secretive side that keeps Scorpio on the hated most zodiac sign list.

Are Scorpios and cancers a good match?

When it comes to love, Cancer and Scorpio match in two ways: 1) emotionally and 2) intuitively. There also exists a deep spiritual connection. Because they are water signs, both are able to “dive deep” into one anothers hearts.

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