Question: What should I do when I meet a girl for the first time?

Should I hug a girl when I first met her?

If youre somewhere more social, but the woman youre being introduced to is keeping her distance, maybe start off with a handshake or wave. But if she comes sashaying toward you, arms open (and youre on board), hug away. If no one else in the room is hugging, its probably not the time to hug.

How do you hug a girl when you first meet her?

Keep these things in mind when you are giving a hug to a girl who is just a friend or someone you are meeting for the first time:Be gentle and casual—dont give her a tight hug.Dont let your hug last for more than a few seconds.Dont move your hands around on her back.Keep talking while hugging her.7 Jun 2019

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