Question: Do I need a theme if I use Elementor?

You cant use Elementor without a theme because WordPress requires themes for every website, though you can use Elementors customized Hello theme thats as simple as it gets. Its a blank theme where you can add any elements or templates you desire.

Can you install Elementor with any theme?

WordPress Elementor template can be installed from the admin panel just like any other WordPress theme. Access the dashboard, then go to the Appearance section, and click on Themes.

What theme should you use with Elementor?

Then, you can choose from our best Elementor themes and templates.OceanWP. OceanWP is a popular WordPress theme that works great with Elementor builder. Astra. Astra is a powerful WordPress theme designed to create any kind of website. Atmosphere Pro. Hestia Pro. GeneratePress. Page Builder Framework. Essence Pro. Sizzify.More items •Jan 7, 2021

Can WordPress work without a theme?

No, you dont need a theme for WordPress to work. Theme is mostly for displaying content and if its not your requirement (may be for a special project) then WordPres will work just fine that way except wp-cron.

How do I activate an Elementor theme?

To get started, go to Appearance → Themes → Add New and search for “Hello Elementor”. Then, install and activate the theme.

Is there a free version of Elementor?

With the free version of Elementor, you can do quite a lot. Most importantly, you can use Elementors visual, drag-and-drop interface to design your pages, posts, and other content types. This means you can create radically distinct layouts for different pages.

Can you edit any WordPress theme with Elementor?

Easy Theme Customization With Elementor It enables you to customize each and every part of a WordPress theme from its user interface. You can change the site header, footer, page and post templates, archive templates, and more, quickly and easily.

Can not edit with Elementor?

If you get a blank page (white screen of death) when you try to edit with Elementor, it might be due to a lack of memory or to another fatal error. In this case, check if you meet the system requirements for Elementor. If the problem is a memory issue, you can deactivate a few plugins and see if it solves the issue.

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