Question: Who is CT from the challenge dating now?

Fans were shocked to find out CT had a son After Diems death, CT moved on to a relationship with model Lilianet Solares. But they kept things extremely private. Their relationship was so secretive that when CT revealed in 2017 that he had a son, fans were absolutely shocked.

Is CT from challenge in a relationship?

Chris CT Tamburello is entering the 36th season of The Challenge as a single man. A sneak peek from Hollywood Life reveals that CT has separated from his wife of two years, Lilianet Solares. The 40-year-old dad told viewers, The last few seasons, I wasnt in the best place mentally. Marriage was not going well.

Is CT Tamburello married?

Lilianet Solaresm. 2018 Chris C.T. Tamburello/Spouse

Who is Wes married to?

Amanda Hornickm. 2018 Wes Bergmann/Spouse

Did CT gain weight?

Previously, he was pulled up and singled out for putting on weight and subsequent fitness issues. But for Season 36, he wanted to change all of that and more. CT had already shed the extra kilos when the show aired and from what it looks like, he continued to work on his health even after filming ended.

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